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Aguu: Genius Dolls

Type: SUB

AKA: 悪偶 ‐天才人形‐ Aguu: Tensai Ningyou Aguu: Tensai Ningyō Aguu Tensai Ningyou

Plot Summary: There are definitely the following kinds of people around you: leaders, entrepreneurs, superstars, and prodigies. Even if you work hard, there is no way you can reach the level that they are on. These people are referred to as ‘geniuses’. However, these geniuses all have one thing in common. That’s right! They all have ‘that’ with them. It’s something that they can never tell the common masses about. It’s called…Aguu!!

Genre: Supernatural , Horror

Released: 2018

Status: Completed

Aguu: Genius Dolls SUB in High Quality

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