Anime Information

Akuma no Memumemu-chan

Type: SUB

AKA: 悪魔のメムメムちゃん Akuma no Memumemu-chan - The Animation

Plot Summary: The gag manga depicts the everyday life of the demon Memumemu-chan, who appears before the high school student Hyouta one day. She's come to seduce men and steal their souls, however, has neither the motivation nor the ability to carry out her duty. The story revolves around Memumemu, Hyouta, who is often misunderstood as a lolicon due to Memumemu, and the super sexy mother-daughter duo who manages the apartment Hyouta resides in.

Genre: Shounen , ONA , Ecchi , Demons , Comedy

Released: 2018

Status: Completed

Akuma no Memumemu-chan SUB in High Quality

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