Anime Information

Baja no Studio

Type: SUB

AKA: バジャのスタジオ

Plot Summary: "My name is Baja. That's what everyone calls me, so it's probably Baja. I came here from the outside world when I was little. As for what happened when I was born, I don't remember much of it." Kohata Anime Studio is a place full of dreams where animation is made. Baja was raised in this studio by the people who create animation. Floating in a pond outside is his friend the duck. Baja enjoys a fun and blissful daily life. One night, when all the people are no longer at the studio, Baja takes a peek outside and finds that his duck friend is being attacked by a cat. Will Baja be able to save his friend? A wondrous night adventure begins!

Genre: OVA , Magic , Fantasy

Released: 2017

Status: Completed

Baja no Studio SUB in High Quality

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