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Charanpo Shima no Monogatari

Type: SUB

AKA: Wakate Animator Ikusei Project 2017 Young Animator Training Project Anime Tamago ちゃらんぽ島の物語

Plot Summary: At the far end of the Southern Seas, where none had dared to go, there exists an island called Charanpo Land. At the center of that island is a giant baobab tree, which produces many eggs each day. Inside the eggs are food, clothing, and other daily necessities. The inhabitants of the island live carefree lives, dependent upon the eggs. But lately, more and more of the eggs have been turning up empty, which makes the inhabitants uneasy. Then one day, with a thunderous crash, and an explosion of rainbow-colored light, the baobab tree produces an egg of curious appearance. The next morning, the village chief Poncho tells the inhabitants that they must find that egg. Now the tiger Kometora and a group of children must find the egg within the forest.

Genre: Movie

Released: 2018

Status: Ongoing

Charanpo Shima no Monogatari SUB in High Quality

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