Anime Information

Daimajuu Gekitou Hagane no Oni

Type: SUB

AKA: Demon of Steel: Battle of the Great Demon Beasts 大魔獣激闘 鋼の鬼

Plot Summary: In the year 1999, a team of UN scientists in an attempt to tap into a new energy origin on a deserted island called Sansara, unknownigly open a portal to another universe, unleashing dormant biomechanical entities. Three years later, Takuya Goroza returns to the island of Sansara urged by a mysterious request by college chum Haruka Alford. Little does he know, his old friend isn't what he appears to be...

Genre: Sci-Fi , OVA , Mecha , Horror

Released: 1987

Status: Completed

Daimajuu Gekitou Hagane no Oni SUB in High Quality

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