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Harlock Saga (Dub)

Type: DUB

AKA: Herlock Saga: Nibelung no Yubiwa Harlock Saga: Niibarungu no Yubiwa Harlock Saga: The Ring of the Nibelung Harlock Saga: The Ring of the Nibelung - The Rhein Gold ハーロック・サーガ ニーベルングの指環

Plot Summary: Captain Herlock is drawn into a saga of intergalactic proportions when the son of a deceased comrade unwittingly forges the Ring of the Niebelung. Evil forces gather to wage war against the last remaining superpowers of the galaxy led by a demented outcast. Herlock must counter the amassed armadas that threaten the last gods and recover the ring before Paradise is lost.

Genre: Space , Seinen , Sci-Fi , OVA , Dub , Drama , Adventure , Action

Released: 1999

Status: Completed

Harlock Saga (Dub) DUB in High Quality

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