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Legend of a Rabbit

Type: SUB

AKA: Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit 兔侠传奇 Tu Xia Chuanqi

Plot Summary: Fu, a dopey rabbit, is telepathically given the ultimate kung fu power after rescuing Shifu, a martial arts master, from a fatal attack with the promise that he, Fu, would return the martial arts academy tablet to his, Shifu's daughter, Penny. While on his journey to the academy thieves ambush Fu and unbeknownst to him he is rescued by Penny. As they become traveling companions they arrive at the academy only to learn it has been taken over by the evil Slash. As Penny takes Slash on in a kung fu showdown to get back her father's academy Fu will reveal his power and take Slash down while fulfilling his promise.

Genre: Movie , Martial Arts , Comedy , Adventure , Action

Released: 2011

Status: Completed

Legend of a Rabbit SUB in High Quality

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