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Magic User's Club! vs. Shamanic Princess

Type: SUB

AKA: 魔法使いTai! vs シャーマニックプリンセス Mahoutsukai Tai! vs. Shamanic Princess Mahoutsukai Tai! vs Shamanic Princess

Plot Summary: A parody-esque epilogue to both Shamanic Princess and Mahou Tsukai Tai!. As a marketing ploy back when Shamanic Princess was first released, buyers who purchased all six first edition LD's of both Shamanic Princess and Magic User's Club, and sent in their proof of purchases before a deadline received a special OVA entitled Shamanic Princess vs. Magic User's Club. It was never sold in stores and was a special omake by the series' creators to the fans. The OVA contains an epilogue to both series, which is fitting considering they both came out at the same time.

Genre: Comedy , Fantasy , Magic , OVA

Released: 1998

Status: Ongoing

Magic User's Club! vs. Shamanic Princess SUB in High Quality

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