Anime Information

Manga Furusato Mukashibanashi

Type: SUB

AKA: Manga Furusato Mukashi Banashi まんがふるさと昔話

Plot Summary: Folktales from Japan. Each episode was composed of two stories. The focus of the anime was to showcase folktales from different prefectures. The original airing only reached 18 episodes (36 stories) before stopping, the show was rebroadcast at a later date and the final 8 episodes (16 stories) were shown. The anime was family oriented and funded by the Seibu Department Store chain with a "Seibu Family Gekijou" subtitle on each ep, perhaps to mirror the highly successful "Calpis Family Gekijou" adoring the World Masterpiece Theater anime program.

Genre: No Category

Released: 1976

Status: Ongoing

Manga Furusato Mukashibanashi SUB in High Quality

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