Anime Information

Mini Pato

Type: SUB

AKA: ミニパト Mobile Police Patlabor: MiniPato Mobile Police Patlabor Minimum

Plot Summary: Unlike most shows the three episodes are not only totally unrelated to each other but really don't follow a plot as such and are more a light hearted jibe at both the Patlabor series (TV and films) and other "mecha" Anime. Episode 1 is a brief introduction to the weaponry carried by the Ingram and how it was designed and why it is the way it is. Episode 2 looks at the design and maintenance of the Ingram 98 AV in SVU2 and takes a swipe at the marketing forces behind them (as in merchandising for the series). Episode 3 is the only one to attempt to expand on a very minor point raised in the original TV show and just how SVU2 is actually funded.

Genre: Parody , OVA

Released: 2013

Status: Completed

Mini Pato SUB in High Quality

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