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Patalliro Saiyuuki!

Type: SUB

AKA: Patalliro Saiyuki! パタリロ西遊記!

Plot Summary: Genjou Sanzou is a Buddhist monk who has been sent by the Emperor on a journey to find the sacred Buddhist scriptures. One day, Sanzou meets an Earth Deity who tells him that Buddha has sent him a disciple: the mischievous Monkey Deity Son Goku, who was sealed inside of a mountain for five hundred years after wreaking havoc in Heaven! Together with the alcohol-loving playboy Cho Hakkai; the heavenly army General Sagojyou; and their horse, the Dragon Crown Prince Ryuuba; there are plenty of adventures to be had from fighting off monsters to bishounen contests.

Genre: Super Power , Shounen Ai , Shoujo , Parody , Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure

Released: 2005

Status: Completed

Patalliro Saiyuuki! SUB in High Quality

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