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Shuten Doji - The Star Hand Kid (Sub)

Type: SUB

AKA: Shuten Douji Shuten Doji Star Demon 手天童子

Plot Summary: As a baby Jiro was delivered to his foster parents by a massive oni, who said he would return for Jiro in 15 years. When the time comes Jiro must contend with enemy oni, dark cultists, and their minions while attempting to protect both his parents and girlfriend from their depredations. Ultimately he must embark on a journey through the past, future, and other dimensions to embrace his destiny as Shuten Doji reborn.

Genre: Supernatural , Space , Shounen , Sci-Fi , OVA , Horror , Historical , Demons

Released: 1989

Status: Completed

Shuten Doji - The Star Hand Kid (Sub) SUB in High Quality

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