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Yuuwaku Office Lover 2

Type: SUB

AKA: 誘惑オフィスLOVER2

Plot Summary: It's your 2nd year working as a CM Planner in an Advertising Agency.Because of one word from the new President you're forced to drop out of the project you wanted!"Because I'm too plain, is it really his reason?!"You haven't met him yet, but you decide to show him who you are!With the help of your friend, you get a complete makeover and go to his welcome party.There, you met a breathtaking charming man."What kind of person are you really?""...You caught my interest."You're attracted to each other, regardless of titles, as a man and a woman.With a serious gaze, his face gets closer to yours... The perfect distance for a kiss?!But even in your craziest dreams, you would have never imagined this man was the new President……!

Genre: Romance , ONA , Drama

Released: 2018

Status: Ongoing

Yuuwaku Office Lover 2 SUB in High Quality

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